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感染艾滋病病毒对于生命和躯体安全都是一个严重的创伤性事件,患者往往会承受巨大的精神压力,并有不同程度的情感障碍问题。本文采用EMDR方法对一例具有抑郁情绪和人际交往障碍的艾滋病患者进行治疗,治疗结果显示对HIV/AIDS患者采用EMDR方法能获得良好的效果,因此有必要进行更深入的研究和应用。 HIV infection for the safety of life and body are a serious traumatic event, patients tend to be under…

Among Latino MSM, those who have reported early childhood sexual abuse continually report high levels of HIV risk behaviors. The objective of this study was to test if EMDR can be more effective as an HIV risk reduction behavioral intervention than a…

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Since I was trained two years ago, I have been using EMDR with personal who are HIV+, have AIDS, and/or are surviving the loss of a partner.

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Before using the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to treat an undergraduate student who suffered from AIDS-Hypochondrias is (caused by a traumatic event), stabilization was applied on this patient. It was found that stabilization…

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