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EMDR is not new. But to those who know little about the decade of research and clinical experience behind it, the treatment probably sounds like a gimmick. That may be because it employs rapidly movlng lights or alternating tones which the client…

Los Angeles - A treatment that included watching a therapist's fingers move significantly helped people who were suffering psychologically from long-ago traumatic experiences, a study found. (Excerpt)

It sounds somewhat strange, but therasts are finding that a new technique using rapid but controlled movements of the eye can unlock hidden memories or help people recover from traumatic or fearful experiences.

In 1984, Cathy Navey was assaulted in a parking lot. Her physical wounds soon healed, but the trauma left her disoriented. "I felt like I was in a fog," she told me. "I was going through the motions of my life, but I wasn't there emotionally."
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