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It is helpful to introduce the concept of Adaptive Information Processing, to help your clients understand the nature of how our brains work. To do this, you can use a metaphor concerning the front and back of the brain.

Client history taking is an important part of well-prepared clinicians' understanding of their clients. The Time Line Script (Hofmann, 2004) is based on a number of personal communications with other EMDR clinicians. The forms are a way of eliciting…

A single case of EMDR used with a Road Traffic Accident treated in 25 minutes is described (mainly) from the client's perspective.

Denne artikkelen fokuserer på bruk av EMDR i behandling av klienter med rusmiddelproblemer. Personer i denne kundegruppen synes å vise en høy grad av symptomer knyttet til PTSD. Forfatterne presenterer en teoretisk begrunnelse for behandling av rus…
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