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In this talk, Dr. Ross will describe how EMDR has affected his own thinking and practice and how it has changed the lives of both clients and clinicians. For him personally, it has changed his thinking about trauma therapy both technically and in…

It is helpful to introduce the concept of Adaptive Information Processing, to help your clients understand the nature of how our brains work. To do this, you can use a metaphor concerning the front and back of the brain.

Client history taking is an important part of well-prepared clinicians' understanding of their clients. The Time Line Script (Hofmann, 2004) is based on a number of personal communications with other EMDR clinicians. The forms are a way of eliciting…

A single case of EMDR used with a Road Traffic Accident treated in 25 minutes is described (mainly) from the client's perspective.

Denne artikkelen fokuserer på bruk av EMDR i behandling av klienter med rusmiddelproblemer. Personer i denne kundegruppen synes å vise en høy grad av symptomer knyttet til PTSD. Forfatterne presenterer en teoretisk begrunnelse for behandling av rus…
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