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A step by step protocol for EMDR therapists to empower their clients to emotionally detach from abusers and social predators. This protocol can be used for victims of domestic violence, narcissists, borderlines, and sociopaths.

In 16 sessions, Mary J Held went from hiding out in her home, controlled by trauma, to a more active life full of joy."Unfreezing Trauma: My Private Journal of EMDR Recovery" is an honest, fearless telling of Mary’s recovery from multiple traumatic…

Dr Francine Shapiro's groundbreaking Eye Movement Desensitizing and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy has been successfully used to treat a variety of issues, including anxiety, anger, depression, and PTSD. These issues often have their roots in past…

This book is a compendium of case stories about people who were treated with EMDR therapy during live demonstrations at EMDR basic training. The sessions were taped and transcribed. They illustrate a variety of diagnoses, as well as the speed of…

What if there was a little known and method to not only treat but cure depression and as little as a single 20 minute session? It's possible and it's being used effectively by counselors and psychologists around the world. Gaining…
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