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Figuring it out. That’s our task, really—to puzzle out how we can best help our clients while keeping everybody safe in a radically changed world. This requires a flexible, inventive spirit on everyone’s part. You may find yourself meeting online…

Central topic of contemporary mental health literature is traumatization and influence of traumatization on psychological and physical functioning of people.

This is a step that is added at end of Phase 4 Desensitization to assure the processing of any affect-laden sensory material associated with the event that was left unprocessed. [Excerpt]

The DeTUR method is an urge reduction protocol used as the center of an overall methodology for the treatment of a wide range of chemical addictions and dysfunctional behaviors. This method was developed and refined by the author through client…

It is helpful to introduce the concept of Adaptive Information Processing, to help your clients understand the nature of how our brains work. To do this, you can use a metaphor concerning the front and back of the brain.

Scripts of the following scripts developed by Dr. Shapiro: Safe Place, Touchstone Event, and Future Template.
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