Integrating EMDR and psychoanalytic psychotherapies


The symposium will explore integration of EMDR into analytic framework and promote a dialogue among clinicians of various orientations. The chair will provide overview and panelists will present three cases representing somewhat different orientations. Issues addressed will include reason for doing EMDR, timing, ways of introducing and incorporating EMDR, relational considerations, and challenges of identifying and dealing with such phenomena as transference, countertransference, enactment or resistance. Discussant will provide additional perspective by reframing some analytic constructs in term of the EMDR trauma-based, information processing model. Second part will consist of audience participation and discussion. Case materials are invited. Clinicians from all perspectives (analytic, cognitive, etc.) are encouraged to participate.






Ruth Heber
Colette Linnihan
Pamela Butler
Jennifer Leighton
Jim Knipe

Original Work Citation

Heber, R., Linnihan. C., Butler, P., Leighton, J., & Knipe, J. (2003, September). Integrating EMDR and psychoanalytic psychotherapies. Symposium conducted at the 8th EMDR International Association Conference, Denver, CO



“Integrating EMDR and psychoanalytic psychotherapies,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed September 20, 2021,

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