Family unifications with reactive attachment disorder:  Children A brief treatment approach


This presentation will discuss the symptomology of reactive attachment disorder in children and the effects on the family. In addition, the presentation will focus on the treatment mileau of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and how it may be used in the treatment of reactive attachment disorder in children. The discussion also will include a case study of a family with a child age 8 with reactive attachment disorder and the subsequent individual and family therapy. Treatment of choice was EMDR for the child and supportive therapy for the parents. Qualitative evaluation of the process demonstrated that the parents observed an instant changing in the child's attitude. The child reported that she felt better about herself, family, school, and truthfulness. Her statement about the therapy: "It opened a windown for me." In relation to outcomes, a 12 and 24-month evaulation demonstrated continued positive effects. The importance of working with the family in understanding the dynamics of reactive attachement disorder and how improvement occurs will be discussed. Objectives of the session will be to give clinical information to practitioners about children with reactive attachment disorder, how this disorder affects the family, and possible therapeutic intervention techniques to open a diaglogue that will lead to understanding children who are in treatment.






Raymond J. Taylor

Original Work Citation

Taylor, R. J. (2003, September). Family unifications with reactive attachment disorder: Children - A brief treatment approach. Presentation at the 1st EMDR International Association Conference, Denver, CO



“Family unifications with reactive attachment disorder:  Children A brief treatment approach,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed June 16, 2021,

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