Treating nicotine dependency:  An application of the Chemotion/EMDR protocol


Participants will learn: 1) the definition of denial as an unconscious mechanism preventing awareness and acceptance of a relationship between negative consequences of nicotine abuse and the nicotine abuse iself; 2) the origin of denial in a defected ego function of reality testing; 3) how defected reality testing in nicotine dependents means they cannot distinguish what is inside them - their archaic, unresolved trauma-coded affects, memories, cognitions, and images - from what is outside them - the smoking-induced affects, cognitions, and images; 4) how smokers reenact their childhood emotional trauma through their nicotine abuse. Cigarettes facilitate re-experiencing affects directed against the child by traumatizer and also re-experiencing the unmetabolized affect felt by the child during traumatization; 5) the Chemotion/EMDR protocol, a brief, effective treatment for nicotine dependency; 6) how Gestalt commmunication technique in Chemotion/EMDR protocol can evoke the object relations deficits during nicotine dependency; 7) how EMDR can desensitize and reprocess the specific childhood emotional trauma driving the dependency; and 8) how EMDR can install or strengthen the reality testing ego function.






John Omaha

Original Work Citation

Omaha, J. (1999, June). Treating nicotine dependency: An application of the Chemotion/EMDR protocol. Presentation at the 4th EMDR International Association Conference, Las Vegas, NV



“Treating nicotine dependency:  An application of the Chemotion/EMDR protocol,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed May 8, 2021,

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