Four methods of target identification and ordering for EMDR


This workshop will present an important review of Phase One of EMDR treatment as it fits within the Adaptive Information Processing Model. The presenter will describe and analyze four strategies for identifying and ordering targets for EMDR rreatment. Strategies to be covered are I ) Francine Shapiro's standard method; 2) A time line method, 3) A Genogram method proposed by Maureen Kitchur in her Strategic Developmental Model and 4) A hypnotic method inspired by Milton Erickson's February Man cases. Analysis of the unique strengths and limitations of each approach will be made. Clinical choices will be outlined with respect to the use of each strategy in light of characteristics of the client, the clinician, and the clinical setting itself. Case examples will be presented. Handouts wlth guidelines for each method will be distributed. Participants will be invited to engage in imaginal exercises to further the exploration of these strategies.






George Abbott

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Abbott, G. (2005, September). Four methods of target identification and ordering for EMDR. Presentation at the 10th EMDR International Association Conference, Seattle, WA



“Four methods of target identification and ordering for EMDR,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed July 10, 2020,

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