The reenactment protocol:  Using the drive to reenact therapeutically


While it has been observed for a long time that victims of trauma tend to reenact the trauma, this process has been seen as problematic and avoided. This therapeutic process uses that energy and drive in a respectful and safe way to allow the client to recreate the traumatic incident and experience a strong internal locus of control while carrying through with a new outcome. While evidence seems to indicate that much chronic pain is really memories of pain in the motor cortex, this process works to reconnect or reprogram these memories with a more powerful and less painful memory.






Jim Cole
Judith Webb

Original Work Citation

Cole, J., & Webb, J. (2004, September). The reenactment protocol: Using the drive to reenact therapeutically. Presentation at the 9th EMDR International Association Conference, Montreal, QC



“The reenactment protocol:  Using the drive to reenact therapeutically,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed September 25, 2021,

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