Becoming an independent EMDRIA approved instructor


This workshop is designed for Approved Instructors in EMDR or those who plan to pursue this designation. Becoming an Approved Instructor in EMDR requires an even greater commitment to mastery of EMDR's processes, procedures, theories, and research. It also entails the skills necessary to impart this information, to untrained clinicians, in such a way, that allows them to responsibly practice. This workshop will cover the steps necessary to become an EMDRIA Approved Instructor. It will offer ideas for getting started, for meeting the new EMDRIA criteria, for developing instructional tools and for managing the course structure to maximizing success. A question and answer session will be available to help with specific questions.






EMDRIA Standards and Training Committee

Original Work Citation

EMDRIA Standards and Training Committee. (2002, June). Becoming an independent EMDRIA approved instructor. Presentation at the 7th EMDR International Association Conference, San Diego, CA



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