Panic disorder and physiology phobia:  EMDR treatment


Panic disorder can be viewed as a phobic fear of the body's physical sensations. It results from conditioning by the traumatic experience of having panic attacks. Conceptualizing panic disorder in this way provides a powerful way to structure treatment with EMDR since EMDR is clearly effective with trauma resolution. This workshop will describe how the preparation phase is especially important and, must be expanded in order for reprocessing to be successful. Participants will also learn how to select appropriate targets for the desensitization phase, how to identify suitable negative cognitions and positive cognitions, and how to employ cognitive interweave when needed. A videotape illustrating an important part of a client's work will be shown.






Carl Nickeson

Original Work Citation

Nickeson, C. (2002, June). Panic disorder and physiology phobia: EMDR treatment. Presentation at the 7th EMDR International Association Conference, San Diego, CA



“Panic disorder and physiology phobia:  EMDR treatment,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed April 18, 2021,

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