Tina doesn't talk at school - Utilizing EMDR to treat a child with selective mutism


Selective mutism is a relatively rare disorder in which individuals who have the ability to speak and comprehend spoken language are unable to speak in specific social situations. This condition is typically resistant to intervention, becoming more intractable the longer it persists. Tina Doesnt Talk At School: Utilizing EMDR Within a Multi-Modal Intervention to Treat a Child with Selective Mutism describes a qualitative research study of a 4th grade student who went almost 5 years of no talking at school despite multiple intervention attempts. Surprisingly rapid results ensued shortly after initializing the EMDR technique, and the goal of speech in the school environment was fully attained.






Rita M. Weinberg
Julie Dye

Original Work Citation

Weinberg, R. M., & Dye, J. (2002, June). Tina doesn't talk at school - Utilizing EMDR to treat a child with selective mutism. Presentation at the 7th EMDR International Association Conference, San Diego, CA



“Tina doesn't talk at school - Utilizing EMDR to treat a child with selective mutism,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed June 25, 2021, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/15881.

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