EMDR for adolescents with disruptive behavior disorder


This day-long workshop will present a comprehensive, detailed protocol for the individual portion of the treatment of adolescents with disruptive behavior disorders. Related applications include: adolescents in general, people with ADHD, cognitive-behavioral training for the mentally retarded, and adults with antisocial behaviors and/or anger management problems. The protocol is divided into three phases: motivation, skill building, and trauma work, with EMDR integrated in every phase. Workshop activities include lecture, demonstration, small-group practice (of highlighted interventions), feedback, and discussion. Participants will gain an overview of the protocol, have practice with its primary components, and hear suggestions for related applications. A detailed handout is included. The first phase, Motivation, starts with the initial interview. A systematic interview is presented which is designed both to obtain needed data and enhance rapport. Then EMDR is used with the Future Movies technique to help the client identify and invest in positive short-term and long-term goals. Once this is accomplished, the treatment plan can be offered in the service of the clients stated goals. Subsequent interventions build on this phase. The second phase, Skill Building, includes a number of cognitive-behavioral techniques integrated with EMDR. Early Warning System helps the client to become more aware of the various internal steps (e.g. angry thoughts, racing heartbeat) leading to escalation and loss of control. Choices Have Consequences helps clients to develop a constant awareness, even during challenging moments, of the consequences of their behaviors. Tease Proofing includes a series of techniques which help the client to become less reactive to provocation. The third phase, Trauma Work, includes some typical and some innovative uses of EMDR to address underlying trauma & loss issues, and to further develop coping skills.






Ricky Greenwald

Original Work Citation

Greenwald, R. (1997, July). EMDR for adolescents with disruptive behavior disorder. Presentation at the 2nd EMDR International Association Conference, San Francisco, CA



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