EMDR and sex therapy


Many clients come to our offices with severe sexual trauma that is the result of sexual molestation, rape or incest. Much has been written and presented on the efficacy of using EMDR with such severe sexual trauma. This presentation focuses on the use of EMDR with less severe but still disturbing sexual problems, such as difficulty in achieving and maintaining erections, problems with orgasm, lack of sexual interest and sexual inhibitions that are often the result of small t trauma -- shame, guilt, fear of intimacy, loss of control or abandonment. Integrating EMDR into traditional sex therapy that deals with these themes may uncover dynamic issues from family of origin and assist in reprocessing of dysfunctional core beliefs. This workshop will focus on how to integrate the use of EMDR to treat sexual problems with an emphasis on determining how and when to apply EMDR to these cases. Two case studies will be presented; these will illustrate how to identify and set up potential EMDR targets, and will give participants a sense of how the work may unfold given the clients' history and the symptoms presented. The presenter will also review the importance of taking a comprehensive psychosocial sexual history, and will elaborate on specific clinical information to be included in the assessment process. Indications and contraindications for using EMDR will be covered. The presenter will also share relevant sex therapy resource materials for clients as well as clinicians.






Linda Levine

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Levine, L. (1997, July). EMDR and sex therapy. Presentation at the 2nd EMDR International Association Conference, San Francisco, CA



“EMDR and sex therapy,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed July 26, 2021, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/15899.

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