When something is wrong with me--EMDR and ADHD


The objectives of this presentation are to define ADHD in the various ways it presents adults, using EMDR cognitions and observations of clients as clues; then, to clarify why and EMDR works differently before, during, and after diagnosis, The presenter will provide background on the biological differences of those with the disorder, some thoughts on why this diagnosis is becoming so frequent at this time and why therapists who use EMDR may be more likely to have the disorder and to see it in their clients. During the workshop participants will explore their own attitudes toward ADHD and learn about how these attitudes influence their ability to identify and assess ADHD symptoms in clients. Values, judgments and common myths about ADHD will be briefly discussed. Specific suggestions about modifying treatment when ADHD is suspected, suggested as a possible diagnosis to the client, and treated will be given, including a list of modified positive cognitions. Treatment planning ideas for clients with a variety of concurrent diagnoses will be offered, with special attention to the problems of resistance to the diagnosis, the medications use for treatment, and the process of adapting patterns to solve specific problems, using a specific example a group treatment planning exercise will be conducted. The actual treatment history of the case will be given clarifying how the treatment goals were reached. There will he time for participants to formulate negative and positive cognitions regarding their attitudes toward ADHD clients and the use of appropriate medications, and to assess the strength those attitudes, SUDS scales will be used. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and will obtain a bibliography, a client questionnaire, a list of modified cognitions, and a summary of resources for medical treatment, education and social support.






Landry Wildwind

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Wildwind, L. (1995, June). When something is wrong with me--EMDR and ADHD. Presentation at the EMDR Network Conference, Santa Monica, CA



“When something is wrong with me--EMDR and ADHD,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed March 1, 2021, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/15939.

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