David Lister's 1999 paper


"I concur with David Lister's model of utilising EMDR in Medical Practice. My own personal trauma has been around radical surgery when I was 24, which was life saving but nonetheless changed the course of my life. The possibilities for healing are endless if EMDR could be incorporated into complementary care units of hospitals that are becoming popular here in the USA. (Complementary care units are quite unlike British health centres, complementary care units offer yoga, meditation, message, visualization, relaxation techniques, hypnosis and biofeedback to patients suffering from a broad range of medical problems, including those with catastrophic illness. Some include homeopathy and herbal medicine as part of the treatment plan. These units have not been without controversy, and administrators have waged a long and hard battle against the medical establishment.)






Carol Arnold

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Arnold, C. (2002). David Lister's 1999 paper. The EMDR Practitioner. Retrieved from http://www.emdr-practitioner.net on 12/27/2008



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