Eliminating the trauma burden:  A reply to Dr. Greenwald's paper


It is refreshing to find he has put the emphasis on health rather than illness. To translate that in the British context, one has to question the real advance that has taken place in making that shift. It is fashionable to call every service in terms of health and not illness and yet the major part of our resources go into cure than prevention. Although it may seem like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, only now through extensive inducements and effort, the immunisation figures, to quote one of Dr. Greenwald's examples, have reached 95%. Even then, there are troughs whenever there is a scare such as with the measles and whooping cough vaccines.






Amit Bhattacharyya

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Bhattacharyya, A. (1997). Eliminating the trauma burden: A reply to Dr. Greenwald's paper. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry On-Line. Retrieved from http://www.priory.com/psych/dr.htm 11/15/2011



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