EMDR and the workplace - helpful hints for the practitioner


Here we are in 2002, no less than 13 years on from Francine Shapiro's first publishetl article on Eye Movement Desensitisation. Now called EMDR, the intervention came:son despite those with agendas to the contrary. The author nears 10 years use of EMDR himself and reflecting upon the cases seen, finds that over half of the 500+ EMDR cases during that time have had significant connectionswith the workplace. It is the benefit of experience that I wish to pass on here. Please forgive me for starting with some basic: issues which are likely to be obvious to many and could be described as 'common sense'. The problem is that 'common sense' could be described as 'not common enough' and in any case, preparation - like preparation in EMDR - can and does play a major role in the success or otherwise of any enterprise.






David C. Blore

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