Applying energy psychology to treatment blocks in EMDR


Although EMDR protocol offers a wide range of strategies to re-start blocked processing, sometimes these methods do not resolve the impasse and another perspective may be necessary. This workshop will expand the concept of blocks-(i.e. blocking beliefs. looping and stuck processing) in terms of the emerging field of energy psychology. We will demonstrate what occurs when psycho-energetic activity in the mind-body interface is compromised and how that can inhibit processing. It will introduce the concepts and treatment of energetic blocks, muscle testing and polarity compromise and explore how treatment corrections can be used to neutralize blocks without disrupting the EMDR protocol. Format: Lecture, demonstration and experiential exercise.






Victoria Britt
John Diepold
Sheila Bender

Original Work Citation

Britt, V., Diepold, J., & Bender, S. (2005, June). Applying energy psychology to treatment blocks in EMDR. Presentation at the 6th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Brussels, Belgium



“Applying energy psychology to treatment blocks in EMDR,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 15, 2021,

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