Stray thoughts:  Memory retrieval


It appears as though one of the heritages ofthe psychodynmc model is the belief in the need for "uncovering memories" as necessary prerequisites for "working themthrough." Consequently, it appears as though some EMDR-trained clinicians have decided to use a combination of EMDR and hypnosis for "memory retrieval." While hypnosis has been a highly successful and standard form of practice for many years, its interaction effects with EMDR have not been systematically investigated. Therefore, I would like to issue some additional words of caution in this regard, since each clinician is bound to approach issues of possible "repression" and "resistance" in ahighly subjective manner. The points are made below in order to highlight factors that might possibly have been forgotten or overlooked by some clinicians in the merging of variant models.






Francine Shapiro

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Shapiro, F. (1992, Winter). Stray thoughts: Memory retrieval. EMDR Network Newsletter, 2(3), 1-3



“Stray thoughts:  Memory retrieval,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed April 21, 2021,

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