Clinican strategies for dealing with challenging EMDR clients


This experientially based workshop will address clinician issues with clients who are challenging to work with both before and during an EMDR session. Participants will develop greater awareness of these moments and learn strategies to overcome potential moments of misattunements. These strategies will include parts of the Procedural Steps Outline in preparation for anticipated problems; applied RDI strategies for compartmentalizing activated clinician state dependent moments in session; and using a variation of a cognitive interweave when an interruption of the flow of states between clinician and client temporarily ruptures contingent collaborative communication. "The Clinician Self Awareness Questionnaire" will be introduced as a method of enhancing these awarenesses. Participants are invited to bring their most challenging cases to work on.






Mark Dworkin

Original Work Citation

Dworkin, M. (2005, September). Clinican strategies for dealing with challenging EMDR clients. Presentation at the 10th EMDR International Association Conference, Seattle, WA



“Clinican strategies for dealing with challenging EMDR clients,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed February 25, 2021,

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