Treatment offers help for car crash victims


Your recent newspaper column regarding the person experiencing trauma after her Toyota was rear-ended by some guy going 70 mph invited me to add my thoughts: I am a psychologist in Minnesota and have treated a number of car-crash victims just like your reader. They are indeed suffering from a form of post-traumatic stress disorder, and can easily be helped by a therapeutic procedure called EMDR - eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. Don't ask me to explain how it works, but believe me, it does. I have treated car-crash victims, carjacking victims, rape victims and holdup victims with the same method of EMDR. They were symptom-free - and stayed that way - after just one session of the procedure. Pretty amazing. It wasn't me; it was the procedure that did the work, along with the client's own brain - which helped reprocess the trauma memory. So, tell this woman to go to the EMDR Web site,, and click on the link for Find a Therapist. She should get relief from her symptoms quite rapidly - and they will stay away. I wish her the best






Tom Magliozzi
Ray Magliozzi

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Magliozzi, T., & Magliozzi, R. (2005, June 20). Treatment offers help for car crash victims. Charleston, WV: Charleston Daily Mail, Life, P2C



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