Ethical issues in EMDR:  Risk-management implications


This workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of ethical, malpractice, and risk-management issues encountered in EMDR. Using extensive case material, participants will learn how to handle complex practice-based ethical dilemmas, prevent professional malpractice, and avoid liablity. Emphasis will be on practical strategies designed to protect clients, professionals, and employers. Key topics will include the limits to clients' rights to confidentiality and self-determination, privileged communications, informed consent procedures, the use of high-risk treatment techniques, boundary issues and dual relationships, conflicts of interest, defamation of character, consultation and referral, supervision, termination of services, documentation, and the problem of impaired colleagues. Participants will be provided with a typology of compelling ethical dilemmas and "high risk" areas, and acquainted with practical decision-making strategies.






Frederic G. Reamer

Original Work Citation

Reamer, F. G. (2004, September). Ethical issues in EMDR: Risk-management implications. Presentation at the 9th EMDR International Association Conference, Montreal, Ontario



“Ethical issues in EMDR:  Risk-management implications,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 22, 2020,

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