Integrating EMDR into the psychodynamic treatment process


The discovery of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) has led to a structured treatment model conceptualized in cognitive constructs (the three pronged approach). Based on the diagnostic and treatment situation, this may or may not, be easily integrated into a psychodynamic (insight oriented) treatment approach. However, I have empirically found a dramatic, acceleration and deepening of the psychodynamic treatment process with patients when flexibly utilizing EMDR in session. This presentation will explore the different applications of EMDR incorporating Freudian, ego psychological, separation/individuation and self psychological theories with practice wisdom derived from extensive case material. Attention will be given to the associative process, screen memories, dream work, resistance, transference, countertransference and character analysis. The structural (id, ego and superego) and topographical (unconscious, preconscious and conscious) models of the mind as well as the listening process will be examined as they inform the use of EMDR. Particular focus will be devoted to how the cognitive interweave can be expanded conceptually to incorporate the techniques of interpretation and mirroring. The anxieties, resistances and allegiance issues evoked in the psychodynamically trained therapist, as they attempt to integrate EMDR into their practices will also be addressed.






David Grand

Original Work Citation

Grand, D. (1995, June). Integrating EMDR into the psychodynamic treatment process. Presentation at the EMDR Network Conference, Santa Monica, CA



“Integrating EMDR into the psychodynamic treatment process,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed July 29, 2021,

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