The therapeutic interweave in EMDR:  Responsibility, safety and choices


This workshop presents the expanded concept of the Therapeutic Interweave in EMDR treatment as it relates to responsibility, safety, and choices. It includes cognitive interweaves, as well as affective, body awareness, imaginal, ego state, experiential, dynamic, spiritual, and other interweaves. It offers a format for EMDR clinicians to utilize in decision-making in clinical pracice. The workshop also teaches assessment of the client's need to front-load their system for resourcing and stabilization, i.e., self-soothing, affect modulation, and ego strengthening before beginning or during the EMDR protocol. The workshop is rich in strategies, current case examples and specifically designed practice exercises.






Sandra Kaplan
Ginger Gilson

Original Work Citation

Kaplan, S., & Gilson, G. (2005, September). The therapeutic interweave in EMDR: Responsibility, safety and choices. Presentation at the 10th EMDR International Association Conference, Seattle, WA



“The therapeutic interweave in EMDR:  Responsibility, safety and choices,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 22, 2020,

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