Being brief with EMDR


While there have been many modifications of the standard EMDR protocol to address a multitude of client issues, little has been said about integrating EMDR with Brief Therapy. Many clients seeking EMDR treatment may have a specific problem needing immediate relief, or have limited time, financial resources, or insurance benefits. This workshop is designed to help the EMDR clinician adapt brief treatment strategies to the standard EMDR approach. A belief/feeling cluster focused history taking approach is combined with a narrowly focused targeting strategy that effectively addresses identified past, present and future targets. The installation phase of treatment is extended into present and future targeting strategies. This strategy not only addresses present and future issues more rapidly, but also identifies additional blocking beliefs that may require targeting in order for the client to achieve full resolution of the presenting problem.






Roy Kiessling
Rachel Kacsur

Original Work Citation

Kiessling, R., & Kacsur, R. (2002, June). Being brief with EMDR. Presentation at the 7th EMDR International Association Conference, San Diego, CA



“Being brief with EMDR,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed September 27, 2020,

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