Slaying the monster: Relieving trauma in 3 – 9 year olds


This technique is significant because it allows relief from trauma without articulating the event that caused the trauma or even fully remembering that event. It combines EMDR with drawing and storytelling. Positive cognitions are installed during the process, leaving the child with self-esteem tools that can serve them in the future. It reduces symptoms of abuse, loss, or accidents. This technique deviates from EMDR protocol to accommodate children's short attention spans and need to play in therapy. Clinicians will be able to: I) identify the components of the Slaying the Monster technique, 2) solve the dilemma of young children being unable to identify or articulate their trauma, and 3) demonstrate how to reduce symptoms associated with trauma.






Diana C. Spindler-Ranta
Sharon Schwartz

Original Work Citation

Spindler-Ranta, D. C., & Schwartz, S. (2003, September). Slaying the monster:Relieving trauma in 3 - 9 year olds. Presentation at the 8th EMDR International Association Conference, Denver, CO



“Slaying the monster: Relieving trauma in 3 – 9 year olds,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 23, 2020,

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