Magical installations can empower clients to slay their dragons


There are several ways to help clients gain access to the resources necessary for successful processing when it does not occur spontaneously. For example, when two or three sets of eye movements occur with no progress, I occasionally use a "premature" positive installation. By doing so, the source of remaining discomfort may come into sharper focus, revealing an appropriate target for continued processing. Alternatively, the installation may have positive impact, giving the client more freedom from the habitual negative stance, and perhaps additional strength with which to face whatever discomfort still remains. With either outcome, this strategy can be helpful in getting the process back on track. (However, sometimes it does not work, perhaps because the available positive cognition does not have sufficien1;power to overcome the block.)






Ricky Greenwald

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Greenwald, R. (1993, Fall/Winter). Magical installations can empower clients to slay their dragons. EMDR Network Newsletter, 3(2), 16-17



“Magical installations can empower clients to slay their dragons,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed November 26, 2021,

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