Case history:  A client unable to track


I recently worked with a woman in her early forties who, for the better part of our sessions, could not track my moving fingers. She presented as highly distraught and reported that her husband of 14 years had just left the marriage the week before our session. This woman, who has been a therapist for nearly two decades, wandered distractedly about my office, touching things, and barely able to speak. She has no known medical problems, other than myopia, and takes no meciications. I had used EMDR with her six months earlier on her fear of flying with no noticeable (to me) tracking difficulty, although she commented on how difficult tracking was for her then.






Judith Boore

Original Work Citation

Boore, J. (1993, Fall/Winter). Case history: A client unable to track. EMDR Network Newsletter, 3(2), 17-18



“Case history:  A client unable to track,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 19, 2022,

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