EMDR with couples


It is generally held that EMDR is not to be used with couples, and I agree that it is not appropriate to do so when the primary items being dealt with are such issues as power, intimacy, trust, communication, conflict, or control of impulses and emotions. However, I discovered recently that EMDR can be used successfully and effectively with couples in at least one particular type of circumstance. The circumstance I have in mind is that in which a couple faces an external threat or severe loss that creates a crisis atmosphere to which each member of the couple is reaching considerable anxiety and extreme distress. However, rather than allowing their relationship to degenerate into mutual blaming and fault-finding, the members of the couplemaintain their bonding to each other, continue to support each other, and constitute a unified front in regard to the threat or loss.






Arthur Anton

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Anton, A. (1995). EMDR with couples. EMDR Network Newsletter, 5(3), 5-6



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