Case study


A ten year-old Hispanic boy was referred by his mother for outpatient psychotherapy. The mother described her son as having been depressed since the father abandoned the family over five years ago. The depression was now worsening, although the mother could not identify any new stressors. The boy was described as having little or no interest in pleasurable activities, doing poorly academically, experiencing significant weight loss, panicking each morning about leaving home for school, complaining of stomachaches every morning, and having sad affect. Additionally, the mother was distressed that the boy had an intense phobia of eating in public and refused to do so. He complained of "picturing vomit" each time he tried to eat. The boy's stated goal of treatment was "to stop thinking about throwing up." He also asked for help " to not feel sick every morning, even though I'm not really sick."






Liz Mendoza-Weitman

Original Work Citation

Mendoza-Weitman, L. (1992, May). Case study. EMDR Network Newsletter, 2(1), 11-12



“Case study,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed June 23, 2021,

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