Innovative uses


Jessie Rappaport, R.C.S.W. of Eugene Oregon, sent in this observation: He states, "for clients with persistent negative cognitions such as, 'I don't deserve to be loved', where EMDR saccades, cognitive interweave, and all other variations fail to effectively shift the cognition, he tells the client, 'I would like you to notice, if you would, how you fee1 when I take over the voicing of that belief and say it to you ...." [An example of this would be 'you don't deserve to be loved'.] He does this with eye movements induced and often at this point reports that the client will dramatically shift the polarity when the belief has been externalized by his voice. The response is often from the positive polarity, such as, 'I have every right to 'be loved' or 'the heck with you, I'm tired of hearing that', etc. He states that with particularly fragile clients, this intervention must be carefully framed, such as, 'I am taking over the negative voice that is in you.'"






Ron Martinez

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Martinez, R. (1992, May). Innovative uses. EMDR Network Newsletter, 2(1), 14-15



“Innovative uses,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed May 14, 2021,

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