Letters to the Editor - David Blore's 2000 paper


"I would like to ask some questions concerning the protocol you have developed for the miners. Do you differentiate it with people trapped under buildings? I've read your paper quite carehlly and I know you mention it does, but I was wondering about the air flow. That part is not very clear to me. What is it that happens with the air when a building collapses? Do you mean that it feels different, or that the air flow changes direction at the exact time that the collapse begins? In other words that the air one used to breath before the collapse feels different than after the collapse? Also why is the amount of fluid consumption important? Does it have to do with whether they had drunk water or coffee before the collapse or if they were given fluids by the rescue teams? I guess it has to do with establishing the feeling of thirst under the rubble or dehydration? My questions might sound silly but I do have them. I'd appreciate your feedback on this. I do have in mind the stories I've heard from the survivors. Horrendous experiences that I'm concerned of where I start from. Their personal experiences, the loss of their friends, the impact it had on their company. There are so many issues involved here."






Tessa Prattos

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