Multiple positive cognitions


In Shapiro’s (1995) metaphor of EMDR treatment as a train ride, the positive cognition (PC) serves as a kind of magnet to draw the train forward. She suggests that, at the beginning, the client can often see only modest potential gains, or “part way down the track.” Thus, the PC may contain limitations which are transcended during the session. In such cases, at the journey’s end, the client is able to identify a more positive cognition, which had previously been beyond his view. The clinician is therefore advised to ask if the original PC still fits, or if there is another statement which is more pertinent. It is possible to further access the client’s new vision by encouraging him to identify all the positive self-statements which emerge from the work. Installing these multiple PCs can enhance the effectiveness of EMDR.






Chad Glang

Original Work Citation

Glang, C. (1998, September). Multiple positive cognitions. EMDRIA Newsletter, 3(3), 17-19



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