Questionable therapy


Richard Saltus quotes an EMDR enthusiast as saying that more than 60,000 people have been trained in the therapy. It is common for EMDR folks to cite the number of people who have attended EMDR workshops, and they do so in order to lend credibility to the approach. What is never mentioned is how many of these people found the workshops instructive and how many go on to use EMDR in their clinical work. I know that I am not alone in having "been trained" in EMDR and yet deciding not to use it. My reason, similar to others', I am sure, is that I find EMDR to be, at best, old wine in a very expensive new bottle, one that is heavily oversold.






Richard J. McNally

Original Work Citation

McNally, R. J. (2000, December 17). Questionable therapy. Boston, MA: The Boston Globe, Magazine, 3



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