Treating core attachment issues in adults and children


Participants will: 1) be able to describe the specific effects of poor quality attachments on emotional and social functioning in children and adults; 2) be able to describe how problem attachments are transmitted generationally; 3) learn to identify core negative cognitions related to specific types of attachment problems; 4) learn to utilize ego state work in order to strengthen the adult self and develop a self-soothing dialogue prior to the reprocessing of emotionally-laden material; 4) learn to utilize EMDR to help parents understand and change their distorted perceptions and ineffective responses with their children; and 6) learn how to coach parents in providing support and attunement in the child's reprocessing as a way of strengthening the attachment bond.






Debra Wesselmann

Original Work Citation

Wesselmann, D. (2000, September). Treating core attachment issues in adults and children. Presentation at the 5th EMDR International Association Conference, Toronto, ON



“Treating core attachment issues in adults and children,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed February 25, 2021,

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