Fran’s ramblings from Israel:  A very personal view of tragedy


This is a difficult article to write because I truly cannot figure out what is going to happen next. The holidays for us are over tomorrow and that means going back to a regular work schedule. During these holidays people usually do funthings with their children such as travelling around the country to national parks, take little children to the special parks for them, go up north to enjoy the autumn atmosphere or go down south to simply enjoy. Lots of people usually go to movies as families, spend shopping time in malls and do the eating out fun things.






Frances R. Yoeli

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Yoeli, F. R. (2002). Fran's ramblings from Israel: A very personal view of tragedy. The EMDR Practitioner. Retrieved from on 12/27/2008



“Fran’s ramblings from Israel:  A very personal view of tragedy,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 24, 2022,

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