Emotional healing at warp speed:  The power of EMDR

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In the introduction to his new book, Emotional Healing at Warp Speed: The Power of EMDR, Dr. David Grand tells the story of his personal discovery of EMDR, opening his eyes to a whole new world. Throughout this energetic book, the reader shares his story, the shaping of a true adventurer in the field, reaching into new areas of emotional healing and well-being.
Dr. David Grand celebrates creativity. He combines the courage to step outside of the conventional, while maintaining a strong allegiance to the EMDR model and Francine Shapiro’s principles. I have enjoyed following his rise in the field over the past few years, participating in his lively and well-attended workshops here in London, and using his BioLateral CD’s with much success. Most of all, I admire his sincere approach to the puzzles of life. Wherever possible, he depathologises and enlightens the human condition. His is a supremely optimistic book.






David Grand

Original Work Citation

Grand, D. (2003). Emotional healing at warp speed: The power of EMDR. New York, NY: Present Tents Publishing



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