Letters: Roll up, roll up for the great EMDR debate


While appreciating that The Psychologist is not a standard academic journal, I was nevertheless somewhat surprised and not a little disappointed to see space being given to an uncritical ‘sales pitch’ for EMDR in the March issue. While Shapiro acknowledges that the treatment she originated has been the subject of ‘much scrutiny and debate’, reference is then only made to one aspect of this debate; that is, the identification of EMDR’s active ingredient. By failing to provide at least a handful of references to major areas of contention in relation to EMDR, the article does a disservice to interested practitioners and academics. Papers by Herbert et al. (2000) and Rosen et al. (1998) would allow readers to at least start to make a more balanced appraisal of EMDR.






Robert J. Edelmann

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Edelmann, R. J. (2002, May). Letters: Roll up, roll up for the great EMDR debate. The Psychologist, 15(5), 222



“Letters: Roll up, roll up for the great EMDR debate,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 26, 2021, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/17321.

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