Trauma therapy


"Healing Hands" described the efforts by trauma counselors to confront the shock and grief caused by the tsunami [April 4]. It was wonderful to see in the photo of people from the Thai village where Jane Lopacka is providing trauma therapy that they are returning to the beach and overcoming their fear of the ocean. Lopacka is part of an international team of volunteer trauma specialists working for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Humanitarian Assistance Programs (EMDR-HAP), which use therapeutic methods to treat post-traumatic stress. Our organization has trained 60 Thai clinicians to carry on this work and will soon train 50 more. We are doing the same thing in Sri Lanka and will soon have a project in India. The aim is not just to treat but also to leave behind skilled local practitioners who can use the most highly validated methods of trauma treatment. More information about our work is available on our website at






Robert A. Gelbach

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