Biofeedback measures in EMDR treatment


We compared the pre and post therapeutic treatment data using standard EMDR, using a tool such as biofeedback, capable of measuring certain physiologcail parameters in an objective way. The goal was to check variations in the physiological indices and subjective evaluations of well being and discomfort in the subjects. Some psychotherapists will select subjects using an initial telephone screening followed by a battery of suitable tests. Using such tools, subjects affected by PTSD without comorbidity will be chosen. Independent assessors will evaluate them again after six weeks (blind design). After this assessment, subjective data will be collected using the SUD scale and objective data will be collected using the SPR, Thermo, Heart Rate, EMG of the biofeedback channels. After exposure the subjects will be randomly assigned to an experimenta1 group, they will be going to meet in six sessions using the EMDR standard protocol and carried out by therapits recognized by the Association EMDR Italy; the other half of the sample will represent the control group in a waiting list. Once more, all the subjects will be exposed to the trauma, this time listening to the recording of their description of the traumatic event. The SUD and biofeedback values will be then measured again. The comparison of the data of the SUD scale with the data of the biofeedback channels, in particular the SPR channel, plus the evaluation of the group of independent clinicians using the above-mentioned tests, will provide the co-ordinates for an evaluation (both subjetive and physiological) of the clinical results of the EMDR therapy.






Roberto Anchisi
Roberto Guzzi
Isabel Fernandez
Michele Giannantonio
Davide Ziveri

Original Work Citation

Anchisi, R., Guzzi, R., Fernandez, I., Giannantonio, M., & Ziveri, D. (2001, October). Biofeedback measures in EMDR treatment. In Collegium Internationale Activitatis Nervosae Superioris; International Association for Integrative Nervous Functions, Neurobiology of behaviour and Psychosomatics, (pp 141-148). Palermo, Italy



“Biofeedback measures in EMDR treatment,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed September 20, 2020,

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