Peaceful heart: A woman's journey of healing



Although I had a relatively happy childhood, I picked up many unspoken messages from the people around me about my physical body and my self-worth. At age 17, I was brutally beaten and raped in my family home. Based upon these often misinterpreted messages and the brutal attack on my body and soul, I created an existence out of eating disorders, depression, rage, and distrust. Now it was time to deal with the emotions I had pushed down inside of myself. It has taken months of EMDR therapy and a low dosage of anti-depressant drugs, but now I'm well on my way. Happiness is right around the corner.This book describes my journey from the depths of despair, through the twisted pathways of my past, and into my future, proving that life can and should be more than mere survival. Life is to be treasured and lived -- and shared. The reader will walk through my struggles and successes, hopefully allowing her (or him) to feel the pain of the struggles as well as the thrill of successes. I hope my story gives at least one other victim (or as I now prefer to call myself "survivor") hope for her own future, or assistance in healing her own heart. I hope it gives one family member or good friend a better understanding of what his or her loved one might be going through. I hope it shows one parent how a critical comment said in jest can be taken by a child as gospel. I hope it shows one mother that how she treats herself, whether with words or by actions, will be mirrored in her daughter. I hope it shows one father that the remarks he makes about women in front of his daughter will shape her views of herself as she becomes a woman. But mostly, I want this book to help one person go through the healing process a little easier. That is my hope.






Aimee J. Martin

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Martin, A. J. (2003). Peaceful heart: A woman's journey of healing. Berkeley, CA: Creative Arts Book Company



“Peaceful heart: A woman's journey of healing,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 20, 2021,

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