Transpersonal psychology, eastern nondual philosophy, and EMDR



Transpersonal psychology has been strongly influenced by the nondual spiritual traditions of the East. These traditions describe a natural unconditioned state of awareness that is every human's birthright. Realization of this awareness brings peace, freedom, joy, and acceptance of life as it is. As EMDR fosters personal integration and transformation, clients sometimes report contact with this profound awareness during a session. A specialized transpersonal EMDR protocol targets distractions to this awareness and can be used once clients have sufficiently progressed with the standard protocol. The transpersonal protocol, in conjunction with the open-hearted and quiet presence of the therapist, invites clients into their natural contentment. Goals, methods, and roles fall away as therapist and client discover their shared ground. The ritual of psychotherapy unfolds into satsang, the celebration of nondual awareness. Several spiritual teachers with nondual orientations confirm the value of EMDR in working with obscurations to this awareness. EMDR has a surprising and powerful contribution to make to transpersonal psychology by helping to facilitate and stabilize the experience of nondual awareness.


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Sheila Krystal
John Prendergast
Phyllis Krystal
Peter Fenner
Isaac Shapiro
Kali Shapiro



“Transpersonal psychology, eastern nondual philosophy, and EMDR,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 24, 2020,

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