Exposure therapy


Exposure therapy has increasingly been used in conjunction with other cognitive—behavioral therapies in a variety of formats and techniques, particularly in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Reasons for the addition of cognitive enhancements to exposure therapy include concerns for client well-being and/or an interest in increasing client willingness to engage the treatment. Other newer therapies such as CPT, ACT, and EMDR, while based in differing theoretical paradigms, incorporate cognitive and behavioral strategies that are consistent with exposure and cognitive change. Several empirical studies support combinations of exposure and other cognitive—behavioral therapies. However, studies evaluating a possible augmenting effect of other CBT components have generally shown equally promising effects with exposure alone and exposure combined conditions. Further research is needed to more fully understand which components of other cognitive—behavioral therapies are most helpful in addressing concerns of using exposure therapy alone, and the manner in which exposure therapy can be most effectively integrated.


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Victoria M. Follette
Alethea A. A. Smith



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