L’utilisation de l’EMDR en oncologie

The use of EMDR in oncology


Peu importe le type de cancer, cette maladie crée de l’anxiété chez les patients qui en souffrent et provoque une dépression auprès d’un tiers de la clientèle atteinte. La psycho oncologie étudie ces dimensions du cancer à partir des aspects psychologiques, sociaux, comportementaux et éthiques. Le cancer devient alors une maladie du corps et de l’esprit.

No matter which type of cancer, this illness creates anxiety in and may provoke those that suffer from it. Depression in a third of cancer patients. Psycho-oncology studies these dimensions of cancer by focusing on psychological, social, behavioral and ethical aspects. Cancer therefore becomes an illness of body and mind/soul. This workshop aims to educate EMDR therapists to the traumas brought up by the diagnosis of cancer and its treatments with application to chronic illness in general. As cancer incidence increases yearly, more and more people and their close ones will be affected by this illness. Knowledge about those aspects related to psycho-oncology then becomes important for clinicians who will be increasingly involved in such clinical situations.






Chantel Boudreau

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Boudreau, C. (2008, May). [The use of EMDR in oncology]. Presentation at the EMDR Canada Annual Conference, Montreal, QC. French



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