PSTD-Unit: Trauma therapy with in-patients – A ward concept


Since there were only a very few specialised trauma therapists in the region in the beginning of the "PTSD-Unit", we had to treat all kinds of type-I and type-II trauma around, that is: victims of technical or natural disasters, of car accidents and accidents at work, especially the victims of bank robberies whose number has risen enormously in the area since the political change in 1989. Beside that we treated clients after they had learned the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease, for example a cancer - diagnosis, and people who were suffering from traumatic grief, because they were bereaved of their loved ones under particularly traumatic circumstances, for example after the explosion at Djerba last year.






Hans-Henning Melbeck

Original Work Citation

Melbeck, H. H. (2003, May). PSTD-Unit: Trauma therapy with in-patients ? A ward concept. Poster presented at the 4th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Rome, Italy



“PSTD-Unit: Trauma therapy with in-patients – A ward concept,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed June 13, 2021,

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