EMDR, creavitity and the brain


This paper addresses how creativity has been interwoven into the discovery and development of EMDR, how EMDR is an effective tool in unblocking and enhancing creativity and how our understanding of the brain enhances our knowledge in this area. Dr. Shapiro’s inspiration leading to her discovery and development EMDR are the underpinnings of EMDR and its interweave with creativity. EMDR processing is also an essentially creative process at the core of healing trauma-based blocks. The therapeutic relationship in EMDR can be conceptualized as a co-creative process.

This paper also addresses using EMDR in addressing issues of creativity. Creative blocks are regularly reported by both artists and non-artists and often cripple and traumatize the artist, and interfere with the creativity of daily living of non-artists. The EMDR protocol can be used to target creative blocks as trauma is an integral part of these blocks. The EMDR future template is a tool for enhancing creativity with artists free of significant blocks. This includes actors, singers, dancers, writers and graphic artists.






David Grand

Original Work Citation

Grand, D. (2003, May). EMDR, creavitity and the brain. In E. Tizzabu and M. Jakobsen (Chairs), EMDR empowering. Symposium conducted at the 4th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Rome, Italy



“EMDR, creavitity and the brain,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed May 14, 2021, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/17970.

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