Affect regulation for children through art, play and storytelling


Traumatized and neglected children are likely to have deficits that results in low affect tolerance, leading to a tendency to become overwhelmed and dissociate during trauma processing. This workshop will describe the impact of the abuse and neglect on emotional regulation and the need for fun and developmentally appropriate experiences that build internal resources prior to trauma processing. Through live demonstration and small group activities, participants will learn to integrate EMDR principles with art interventions that help children identify emotion and tolerate affect. They will be able to apply EMDR principles to common games to increase affect tolerance and install resources and will be able to identify the EMDR principles inherent in effective storytelling appropriate for the preparation phase.






Elizabeth Turner

Original Work Citation

Turner, E. (2005, September). Affect regulation for children through art, play and storytelling. Presentation at the 10th EMDR International Association Conference, Seattle, WA



“Affect regulation for children through art, play and storytelling,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 19, 2022,

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