Participant's experiences of EMDR training within the UK and Ireland


This study investigated the experiences of several hundreds of participants who had undertaken EMDR training in the United Kingdom and Ireland over the last ten years. The research group was drawn from both the membership of the EMDR UK and I Approved Commercial Training. The research ascertained participant’s core profession, main psychological treatment orientation, present utilization of EMDR within current clinical practice, number of clients treated, types of referral issues, average number of sessions, and provision for clinical supervision. Participants were then asked to provide feedback as to their views on their EMDR training experience. Results demonstrated a significant proportion of practitioners integrated EMDR with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy more than any other paradigm. EMDR trainings were criticised in areas which included participant involvement, post training, professional development, and systems of assessment of knowledge and application of EMDR. The findings suggest a need to develop competency based curriculum training in EMDR. Arguments will be presented to support the need to teach EMDR within a wider clinical context.






Derek Farrell
Paul Keenan

Original Work Citation

Farrell, D., & Keenan, P. (2007, June). Participant's experiences of EMDR training within the UK and Ireland. Presentation at the 8th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Paris, France



“Participant's experiences of EMDR training within the UK and Ireland,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed August 6, 2020,

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